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    :D :D

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    Best scene of the series, Clark Gregg is amazing

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    "What should I tell my men to expect?"
    “We just wanna ask a few questions, get the lay of the land. If everything checks out, you and your boys can be on your merry.”

    Operation Odyssey!

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    Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase Two
    Kane52630 Gifs
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    But you are played by Sideshow Bob, so… every cloud and all that

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    How It Should Have Ended: Frozen [x]

    Iceman completely deadpan :D

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    (Source: mooseings)

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    No one has ever asked me if my hair will grow, or noticed that I can breathe.

    requested by anonymus

    Awesome crossover!

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    Awesome new artwork :)

    Awesome new artwork :)

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